Well Woman Seattle Women's Wellness

March 31, 2014

Dear Patient,
With both sadness and excitement, we retired from the private practice of gynecology, effective March 15, 2014. Our many years in medicine have been extremely rewarding, primarily due to you, our dear, dear patients. Your trust has defined our careers. We are very grateful, and it has been our privilege, to care for you.

It is with confidence that we refer you to our colleagues at Meridian Women’s Health. Please visit their website at www.meridianwomenshealth.com; you will find a biography of each of their physicians as well as their location and phone numbers. They have indicated their warm enthusiasm for receiving all of you and providing seamless continuity of care.

Northwest Hospital will have custody of your chart, and when you make an appointment with your new gynecologist, please contact them at 206-368-1894 or 206-368-1319, beginning April 1st, 2014.

We do hope you remain healthy and happy for a very long time. Again, thank you for the opportunity to be your doctors. We have been graced by our love of our profession and by your trust and loyalty.


Dr. Susan Petcoff    Dr. Lynne Haspedis

(206) 781-1830